Earndrop Terms and Conditions

Last updated version: July 2nd, 2018

Thank you for participating in our Earndrop program! Its purpose is to get a large amount of Energi into the hands of our community - and to propel our community growth both initially and over the long term!


Our Earndrop will have numerous rounds but earlier rounds reward the most, so join and tell your friends and family to join as soon as possible! We seek to build a community of hundreds of thousands of people as fast as reasonably possible, and our Earndrop program will help us achieve that. Future rounds of Earndrop will be announced after the completion of the previous round.


You are only allowed to submit for the Earndrop program once. We reserve the right to refuse Earndrop rewards to anyone, and for any reason, including attempts to submit multiple entries. Trying to cheat would result in a ban from this Earndrop and any other Earndrops, giveaways and similar opportunities that arise in the future of Energi. We also reserve the right to add your picture to a wall of shame (where you may be recognized by your real life peers) - so be honest and fair!

*Important:* It is your responsibility to make sure that your information is submitted correctly. Please be sure to submit correct information and follow instructions. When a round ends you will only be rewarded for submissions which have passed verification at the discretion of our auditors! Be sure to take clear, non-blurry photos, and submit account information for all social media accounts the same way as shown in the examples!

Social media accounts that are new or brand new accounts, or those with minimal or no activity, may not be rewarded within our Earndrop. This will be under the Energi Earndrop auditor group’s discretion when reviewing the results after the round has completed. In general, we encourage you to do the social actions for all social accounts you are active on or plan to be, but be warned that they may not all be accepted. We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions, in which case you may need to re-accept the terms and conditions to participate in the Earndrop.


*Please note* It may take up to several months to receive your Energi. At the earliest we will distribute Earndrop rewards after each round has been completed. We ask you in advance to please wait patiently for the round and verifications to complete.